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Svetlogorsk is the largest resort town on the Kaliningrad seaside. In pre-war East Prussia it had a beautiful name Rauschen, derived from the German word meaning to noise.

The Germans chose a good place to found a resort. The town lies on a hilly, scenic area, full of green, with an amazing bird’s eye view of the Baltic sea.

However the key factor to found a resort there was the abundance of underground mineral springs with healing and tasty water and healing peat mud in this land. And the climate of course, soft, without enervating heat, crystally clear air, loaded with fragrance of sea and pines.

Svetlogorsk today is experiencing a resurgence and getting a more European look day after day. The beaches of Svetlogorsk, as well as in other parts of the Kaliningrad Region, are not divided between hotels, not bordered, and they are free. The resort zone of Svetlogorsk include settlements Otradnoye and Lesnoye, which are perfect for isolated and peaceful rest.

Program includes:

  • Walking tour;
  • History of Rauschen settlement.
Excursion to Svetlogorsk Day of the week:
12:00 - 13:30
1:30 hours
Cost: 200 rub. To order

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