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Tours to the Kaliningrad Region

The schedule of tours across the Kaliningrad region The schedule of tours across the Kaliningrad region


Tour Russian Baltic (4 days) Tour «Russian Baltic» (4 days)

The tour to the Kaliningrad Region to the shore of the blue sea, where the Baltic sea goes on. The fascinating travelling to the western coast of our country will help you to discover the Russian Baltic.

Tour Crossroad of time (5 days) Tour «Crossroad of time» (5 days)

Only here, on the Kaliningrad peninsula, where ancient Rauschen, now Svetlogorsk, stood, you can get rest, treatment and recreation. New memorable acquaintances and fascinating travelling in the most western point of our country.

Tour Amber kaleidoscope (6 days) Tour «Amber kaleidoscope» (6 days)

Two stars were walking across the sky a long time ago... One of the stars was too heavy and it fell on the bottom. The star cooled down and broke into tiny sunny islands. It broke on sea rocks and golden amber pieces appear. They are clear and red and yellow. Their beads are bleak like dewdrops. They are big and small and tiny. They are frozen tear drops of the Star. (Elena Shtol)

Tour Beauty of the Baltic (7 days) Tour «Beauty of the Baltic» (7 days)

The Kaliningrad Region is a place so different from other parts of our country. Architecture, landscapes, people and names, they all are unique. Vacation in the Kaliningrad Region is a European vacation on the territory of Russia. It is quiet, peaceful and calm here. People come here to listen to the noise of the waves, inhale the scent of pines, admire narrow paved streets and «gingerbread» Prussian houses.


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