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Vistula Spit


The Vistula Spit is a unique natural formation. It enchants by its beauty, nature and traces of the past. It is divided between two countries, the northern part belongs to Russia, the southern one lies in Poland. (“Mierzeja Wislana”).

As a rule new visitors are greatly impressed by the Vistula Spit. This impression comes not only from the unique nature of this place but also from the dramatic ruins of the abandoned airdrome. To elevate such a complex engineering construction was extremely difficult However the German constructor managed this and it stood there for decades.

Program includes:

  • Guided tour in Baltiysk;
  • Ferry crossing;
  • Guided tour in the Vistula Spit;
  • Rest.
Excursion to
Vistula Spit
Day of the week:
09:30 - 15:30
6 hours
Cost: 1 200 rub. To order

Photos from an excursion:

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