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Kaliningrad is a very special Russian city. It was founded by the Order of Crusaders under the name Königsberg (King's Mountain). The beauty and mysteriousness of the ancient buildings are weirdly mixed with modern mansions here. Defensive forts and bastions, city gates, Kirches and kościółs, architectural landmarks and the Cathedral are magnificently raised over the river Pregolya on an isolated island; they all are living witnesses of the European history. In the Kaliningrad Cathedral you will see a unique exposition, which will let you experience in full the high spirit of the Kant’s epoch, Kneiphof island history and many other things.

Program includes:

  • The Cathedral;
  • Kant island;
  • 5th fort;
  • «Fridland Gates» museum.
Excursion to Kaliningrad Day of the week:
14:30 - 19:00
5 hours
Cost: 900 rub. To order

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