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Curonian Spit Curonian Spit

«The Curonian Spit is so extraordinary that one must definitely see it, in the same way like Italy or Spain, if one doesn't want one's soul to miss a wonderful sight.»
Wilhelm von Humboldt

Yantarny Yantarny

Until 1945 Yantarny was a part of East Prussia under the name Palmnicken. The official date of its establishment is 1654. Palmnicken’s population was mostly engaged in mining of amber...

Mysteries of Prussia Mysteries of Prussia

The Order got the lands around “Waldau” castle in 1255. In 1264 the first fortifications were built. In 1457 the fortress was rebuilt as a castle.

 Königsberg in Kaliningrad Königsberg in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a very special Russian city. It was founded by the Order of Crusaders under the name Königsberg (King's Mountain). The beauty and mysteriousness of the ancient buildings are weirdly mixed here...


It is a town with amazing history! Walking around Svetlogorsk you turn out to get to a fabulous village Rauschen with its curvy streets and time-honored architecture. We will grant you beauty and good health, and also unforgettable impression of what you’ll see and hear!

Legends of the distant pastLegends of the distant past

There is a legend about this farm. A nephew of the last hostess of this farm took out treasures from Kaimen castle. At the end of the war six vehicles arrived at this farm and never left it!

Kaleidoscope of HistoryKaleidoscope of History

Bagrationovsk (Preußisch Eylau until 1946) It is a small town named after a glorious Petr Ivanovich Bagration. The historic name of this place since the foundation of the caste in 1325 is Preußisch Eylau...

Saint Elizabeth Convent Saint Elizabeth Convent

This pilgrimage tour is related to names of the Christian Saints and will lead you to the walls of Saint Elizabeth Convent.

Vistula SpitVistula Spit

The Vistula Spit is a unique natural formation. It enchants by its beauty, nature and traces of the past. It is divided between two countries, the northern part belongs to Russia, the southern one lies in Poland. (“Mierzeja Wislana”).

Chernyakhovsk in InsterburgChernyakhovsk in Insterburg

In 1377 the German knights-crusaders founded a castle Georgenburg. The fortress had a stud farm for the Order's needs. Since the middle of XVIII century this farm supplied the Royal Household with horses. Up to the present days the farm’s elite is a sacred genetic resource...


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